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Health and Beauty Oasis
In the matter of ordering and installation Green Wall
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of our work
GreenWalls – stylish, beautiful, original. Examples, how can the wall gardening transfigure any interior.
Wall gardening
from GreenWallsare:
Key advantages of the proposed decision
Prestigious interior
Wall gardening – is usual attribute of leading world companies offices and residences of successful people all over the world.
(!) To achieve intended therapeutic effect, there should be not less than 1 plant per 1m³, - it is impossible to place such number of plants at the window sill
Healthy atmosphere
Plants help to create natural indoor microclimate without noise and chemicals. Climatic equipment can not create such effect.
Corporate style
Wall gardening allows to recreate the company logo with corporate colors using.
No area losing
Wall gardening is mounted at the wall without occupation your office or room useful area.
Acceptable price
It is groundless myth about expensive wall gardening. It costs much cheaper than most designers’ fancies.
Where the system
can be used:
Indoor area types where the GreenWalls can be realized.
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Apartments and houses
Sport centers, swimming pools
Public buildings
Trade and business centers
Working with us will be useful for You
Some facts about our company
Stable prices
100% Ukrainian manufacturer. Our prices do not depend on dollar.
European quality
All our products and services meet European standards.
We work fast at all the stages starting from projecting to installation.
Professionals team
All our personnel – are certificated professionals, who love their work.
100% Guaranty
If the system maintenance is made by our company then we give you 100% guaranty.
GreenWalls – Your home Phyto Doctor
Plants that we use for wall gardening, posses health properties
Air filtration
Plants purify repugnant substance, released by the furniture, home appliances, building and engineering constructions.
Nature aromatization
All the plants purify foul smell and incorporate beneficial phytoncids. Fresh complexion – fulfill the air with attenuatous aroma.
Oxygen and Ionization
Plants incorporate the air with oxygen and ionizing it Such atmosphere is beneficial to human health, and microbes and bacteria die under the influence of ozone.
Natural humidification
Plants regulate natural level of indoor humidification. Natural humidification decrease the risk of respiratory diseases.
(!) Professional plants selection increase beneficial effect of the wall gardening systems.
Indoor plants and its properties
The most beneficial plants, that can be used with the GreenWalls systems:
Cleans the air from harmful impurities of formaldehyde, benzene (released by the gas ovens) and other toxins that get into the air from furniture, plastic and paintwork coatings. Aglaonemacutlass kills streptococcal infection. Aglaonema moisturizes the air.
Alocasia - the strongest biogenic stimulator, has high phytoncid(anti bacterial) properties, strengthens the immune system.
Asplenium possesses antimicrobial activity and is useful for the purification of indoor air. Able to accumulate in the roots of heavy metal salts.
Present plant contains volatile, which improve the chemical composition of air and clean it from harmful microorganisms. In addition, dieffenbachia absorb such toxic substances as formaldehyde, xylene, trichloro- tilen and benzene.
Has a positive effect on the environment of the room, moistening the air and eliminating chemically harmful substances such as ammonia. Because of such properties maranta is recommended to be planted in offices.
It can releasing biologically active substances - phytoncids, which destroy harmful viruses, bacteria and mold. Another amazing quality of monster is its ability to absorb formaldehyde harmful to human organism, which are consisted in some building materials.
Nephrolepis purify the air from formaldehyde, formed from tobacco smoke, gas from kitchen ovens, aerosols, carpets etc. It is a specialist in neutralization of discharge of xylene and toluene from varnishes, paints, wallpapers, linoleum, glue, printers, copiers etc.
Peperomii are useful for those who do not like contradictions, cannot stand when people around are doing something wrong, as they used to, as they wants. This plant has a positive effect on the atmosphere in the house, helps a person to react peacefully to unpleasant surrounding manifestations.
Schefflera or as it is also called - Umbrella tree, literally created for the indoor areas where people smoke. It perfectly absorbs and neutralizes nicotine and tar contained in tobacco smoke.
This plant absorbs the energy of people - reactionaries thoughts and feelings and fill the atmosphere with freshness of modern times. In the house with syngonium, people fill themselves advanced, younger and lighter. If you will put syngonium in the bedroom,( you will forget about bad dreams) you will see bad dreams rarely.
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The way we work
GreenWalls – individual project for each client.
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Delivery, installation
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Additional services GreenWalls:
Convenient for different clients’ categories
Create your own
Wall oasis
by yourself!
Greenwalls system
without plants.
Rent mobile
phyto(plants) walls
Profitable option for temporary

«gardeners » have a possibility
to buy only the components
of the system and to select
the plants at own taste.


By renting the phyto wall
you can «resuscitate»
an exhibition, wedding,
presentation etc.

GreenWalls Team -
we love the work we do:
Some information about our team and leaders.
Aleksandr Zimin
Igor Berebenia
Specialist in wall gardening systems, high-rise services, phyto walls services
Vladimir Vahrushkin
Scientific worker of tropical and subtropical plants department NBS NAS of Ukraine work experience over 30 year.
Taisiia Panas
Customer relations manager
For your call will answer exactly, Taia
Dmitriy Berebenia
biologist, specialist in plants selection, organization of complex phyto walls gardening
Aleksandr Dzhemesiuk
industrial designer
Got masters degree on specialty «industrial and ecologic design», work with bio design over 20 years, has a great experience in complex creation of animated nature(wild life) objects, projecting and processing of imitative «natural materials», head of private enterprise «Zoobud».
Titorenko Viktoria
Phyto designer
Генри Дюпон
менеджер зарубежного сегмента
Карлос Келевра
менеджер зарубежного сегмента
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Comments of the proud owners
of the GreenWalls system:
GreenWalls – European quality with Ukrainian prices.
Anna Ozbrik
Head of advertising department of the company "Empire Agro"
Daria Dorogan
Curator of the direction "Landscape Design" in the European School of Design
Evgenia Kulikovskaya
Leading florist company Goodwine
"I have been working at the Bureau of Wine for 4.5 years and I have been working as a leading florist.It was not used before, but it was always interesting to try.With the fact that a new restaurant was opened in our company, an idea arose to make a green wall You found yourself on the Internet.Prepochli live plants.Plus interesting when there is a dynamic in this picture.The system is satisfied, everything works. "
Tatiana Saulyak
Interior designer
"I have been engaged in interior design for many years, but with vertical gardening for the first time I ran into it, when developing the space of the company's IT office." Greenwalls learned about the company completely by accident and on time: during a regular trip to the construction supermarket Epicenter, Afterwards, comparing the prices and assortment of several companies, she chose yours exactly .I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of the company representative's departure to the site, consultation and under As a variant, initially a wall of stabilized moss was envisaged in the project, but, having weighed the pros and cons (cost, decorative effect, enrichment of the room with oxygen allocated by the plants), we with the customer made a unanimous decision in favor of Living plants. "
Alena Zhilko
Deputy Director of Kameliya
Many times I've been to Holland, I've seen and I've always been interested in Vertical landscaping, there it's already common and everything can be seen with my own eyes. When I found out about the company "GreenWalls" in our Ukraine, we immediately decided in one of our wholesale stores to make a system of vertical gardening. The price differs drastically from the European one and I was pleasantly surprised, since in the same Holland it all costs much more. The quality of claims is not: everything is reliable, functional and simple. The very wall in the service is very convenient, the main thing only do not forget to add water. To our customers in the store, the vertical phyto-wall is like and, according to our recommendation, many have already ordered from GreenWalls. And of course it is important that this system of vertical gardening not only pleases our eyes, but also cleanses and humidifies the air, which means that the healing effect works.
Health and Beauty Oasis
of Beauty and health
along with GreenWalls
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Вертикальное озеленение
системой GreenWalls:

Такой прием оформления, как вертикальное озеленение, известен довольно давно. Первое упоминание датируется IX веком до нашей эры. Речь идет о знаменитых висячих садах Семирамиды, которые относятся к одному из «Семи чудес света». На сегодняшний этот элемент ландшафтного дизайна широко используется в оформлении городских территорий, фасадов и приусадебных участков.

Наиболее часто в вертикальном озеленении используются лианы, благодаря их пластичности и возможности достигать высоты более 20 метров. Среди сортов есть как неприхотливые растения, так и те, которые растут только при определенных условиях (удобренная почва, достаточное количество солнечного света и т.д).

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